About Us

Laguna Beach Gem

The Royal Hawaiian started back in 1947

First opened in 1947 by the Philippines-born Francis Cabang and his partner Harold "Hal" Hanna, The Royal Hawaiian has been an important hangout for decades. Everyone has a story of our establishment that put the lapu lapus on the map.

The Royal Hawaiian has been painstakingly reconstructed, inch by inch. Hand built, and custom pieces throughout, the inspiration was the glory days of Francis' Cabang's restaurant and bringing you back in time.

Unparalleled Ambiance

Custom and hand built, The Royal Hawaiian is an exotic wonderland, escape with us!

Tropical Cocktails

Unique cocktails, both originals and modern including the Laguna Beach famous Lapu Lapu!

Island Inspired Menu

Influenced from traditional Hawaiian culture as well as Korean, Filipino, Japanese and more!

Iconic Location

Nestled in beautifulLaguna Beach, The RoyalHawaiian fits its perfectsetting!

"The Royal Hawaiian has been described as a historic landmark in Laguna Beach and has served as a refuge for residents and visitors alike. I'm happy to say it has finally returned to its roots of complete exotic immersion. From first stepping inside, you enter a bamboo paradise and are surrounded by natural textures and intriguing south seas artifacts. You can escape to your own personal Bali Hai - even if only for a brief sojourn, but certain to return."

- Sven Kirsten
Author of The Book of Tiki